Register of Instructors

Instructors in UKKA must have the relevant *ANKF rank to be recognised as instructors. The grading system is ranked from 1-8 dan (black belt equivalents) and requires a practical and written test. The titles are Master (Hanshi), Teacher (Kyoshi), and Instructor (Renshi) and apart from the Hanshi level which is conferred by recommendation, these levels also require a practical and written examination.

Instructors must attend national seminars and the annual European seminars to be familiar with the correct levels of practice and safety requirements.

On average, there is 2-year period of experience between grades. For renshi holders, on average 10 years, and kyoshi usually have 15-20 years of experience.

ANKF grade holders and title holders who are no longer members of the member nations of the International Kyudo Federation (IKYF) are not recognised by the ANKF.


*All Nippon Kyudo Federation - the governing body for kyudo in Japan, which founded the International Kyudo Federation in 2007.


Ray Dolphin Kyoshi 7 dan

Malcolm Bagnall Renshi 6 dan
Michael Cundy Renshi 5 dan
Claude Le Guyader Renshi 5 dan
Rinako Nakagawa Renshi 5 dan



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